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2013 International Builders’ Show
January 22-24, 2013
Las Vegas Convention Center
Central Hall: nextBUILD

CLICK HERE to request your FREE exhibit hall passes.

Constellation’s team of experts will once again be showcasing our line of end-to-end software solutions for the residential construction industry at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. Stop by our booth for a one-on-one demonstration: we’ll be in the nextBUILD area of the Central Hall, booth C2255. Join us in Vegas!

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We just put the finishing touches on the latest OnLocation-Warranty customer experience video.  The video describes our mobile solution for paperless PDI, inspections, and warranty walkthroughs.  Home builders can capture electronic signatures on a tablet device and immediately send deficiency information to the back office system in real-time to create a work order and process backcharges with fewer errors in less time.  Additionally, the signed customer copy is archived in the system for all authorized users to see. This new home warranty and customer service walkthrough software solution for homebuilders is available for NEWSTAR Enterprise.

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Recently, I had the opportunity to visit with a client and was pleasantly surprised.  The Sales Manager explained that they weren’t currently using all of the features in their new home sales system to capture all the sales information, but then she explained that they did use it for many important functions.  She explained that even though they didn’t use it to its fullest extent, it was still a very helpful tool, and she excitedly described how it recently helped her land a very important sale.

A husband and wife had come into the sales office one day and told her that they had visited and taken a look around a couple of years ago, and liked what they saw, and they were getting closer to being ready to buy.  The Sales Manager welcomed them back, and invited them to take a look around the model, and politely excused herself, saying that she needed to take care of something in her office and that she would be back in just a moment.  She rushed back into her office and pulled up their names in their CRM system, and was able to refresh her memory by reading all of the detailed notes she had recorded during their earlier visits.  She returned to her buyers, and created opportunities to work the pieces of information that she had gathered from their visits 2 years ago, into the conversation.  The prospects felt very special and thought it was absolutely amazing that she remembered so much about them.

The Sales Manager told me that she ultimately closed a sale with them, and that the prospects mentioned they were very impressed with her ability to remember them.  While she recognizes that there were many other factors that impacted the final purchase decision, she was also confident that her effort to enter additional prospect information in the new home sales and CRM system played a large role in landing the sale.

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We have known for a long time that warranty and customer service are extremely important aspects of the home building process.  Constructech highlights this with an article about the benefits of using technology to reduce the time it takes to resolve home owner PDI and customer service issues.  Specifically, home builders can use OnLocation-Warranty to easily track deficiencies and create work orders in a paperless process.  Combined with a powerful back-office system, deficiency tracking and supplier/trade quality control comes to life as well with detailed reports and the ability to backcharge easily. The result is an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve quality in the eyes of the home owner.

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Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is pleased to invite you to our first Customer Experience Discussion webinar on September 22nd at 2:00 PM EST.

– Click on the enroll now link to register

This webinar is an open forum discussion for you to share your ideas with several key benefits:

  • Learn how other builders improve the customer experience and increase referrals
  • Learn how different customers perceive quality (trades, home buyers, and employees)
  • Expand your network by connecting and building strong relationships
    with other home builders

Host and Speakers:

  • Brad Brickman, General Manager of Constellation BuildSERV
  • Chip Pennington, Director of Customer Services at Shea Homes
  • Brooks Powell, Home Advisor, Powell Custom Homes & Powell Renovations
  • Charlie Scott, Partner at Woodland, O’Brien & Scott
  • Craig Schweikart, Professional Consultant

Additional Online Resources:

In addition to this online webinar, a new online customer experience discussion forum has been created.  We encourage customer service professionals to login and share best practices and real work experience.

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