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Innovative yet practical land development and acquisition strategies for up and coming builders to meet the shortages and challenges of your market.

Acquiring land is the starting point for all builders, and is often a major issue. Regardless of size, land acquisition will dictate your volume of builds, the market size and demographic you can sell to, and can change the way you finance a new community development.

What The Experts Say

“Small to medium sized builders were crushed during the recent land depression in the recession, and a lot of their equity base is just gone so they don’t have the cash to close or the equity that is now required for a lender,” says Richard Guerard – Illinois attorney. Guerard’s legal expertise is in real estate transactions, he recommends that growing builders “compete with big builders by developing their own lots based on their specific strategy”.

To understand the effects on land development during the recent recession, also try – Land Pressure: Combating “Zombie Subdivisions”

Top 3 Land Acquisition Tricks for Rising Builders in 2018:

  1. Approach Land Acquisitions with Multiple Payments – Establish a purchasing schedule to buy the land gradually while selling homes to clients
  2. Band Together with Smaller Builders – Unite with other local builders and establish your presence and buying power as community members in acquiring land together in strategic locations
  3. Begin Small, then Build Up – Local builders have an advantage over giant production builders by harnessing local relationships – automate your purchasing capabilities as you focus on acquiring more land in strategic locations


To reap the benefits of these tips for land development, builders need a level of commitment to standardized work process. Bonus Tip:

  • Investment in Technology is an Investment Towards Success – these tips cannot be implemented with spreadsheets alone. Prospecting various land packages, and working with other local builders, requires an advanced land acquisition and development software solution.

The Verdict

Having the right strategy alone may not be sufficient enough to outpace the big players in the industry. Always look for innovative technical solutions for purchasing and land development. Our Land Development software – LandDev automates lot planning while integrating financial data with established enterprise resource management platforms. Investing in an integrated land development solution will take care of resource allocation and vendor contracts to maximize profits. Cost efficiency means you can start planning your next big land purchase for new communities!

Content Source: Land Strategies for Small Builders | Brian Croce –

Join Us at The 5th Annual Real Estate Private Equity Forum

Increasingly, today’s market is about catering to millennials as first-time homebuyers, ensuring creative – yet cost-effective homes are tested and taking advantage of niche markets. Join our Director of Professional Services at The 5th Annual Real Estate Private Equity Forum. Bob Swainhart will cover:

  •         Innovations in homebuilding and condo products
  •          Appealing to the modern homebuyer
  •          Effective building strategies for cost savings
  •          Testing new home designs and taking advantage of niche markets

Event Details:

The 5th Annual Real estate Prive Equity Forum on Land,

Homebuilding & Condo Development (East)

April 10-11, 2018 | Four Seasons Miami, Miami, FL

Register here

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Conasys Inc.

Today we are proud to announce the acquisition of Conasys Inc., a market-leading technology company whose interactive homeowner care platform helps homebuilders to nurture relationships with their homebuyers as they ease into their new home. We welcome the Conasys team to the Constellation HomeBuilder Systems family!

“At Constellation, we strive to provide our clients with technology that will enhance their business and customer relationships. The Conasys homeowner care platform is a perfect example of that,” says Chris Graham, Vice President of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. “Conasys is the industry’s benchmark – a testament to their commitment to innovation.”

Conasys will continue to operate and grow out of its Vancouver offices, and will continue to develop and enhance its existing product line, which includes web portals for homeowners and builders. The platform allows builders and developers to provide their new home and condominium buyers with an engaging, easy-to-use portal to instantly access the information they need. Constellation welcomes all Conasys customers and will continue to provide world-class solutions and services as a long-term technology partner in the homebuilding industry.

“For us, this acquisition is of incredible significance” says Jerry Bauer, CEO of Conasys. “Being acquired by the largest technology partner in our industry validates the direction we have taken our platform, but more importantly it will also allow us to accelerate our product innovation and market penetration.”

Constellation is your homebuilding software partner, and our team is excited by this opportunity to enhance the software solutions we provide to builders and developers across North America.


About Conasys: Conasys Inc. is a forward-thinking technology company whose cloud-based homeowner care platform is designed specifically for new homebuilders and developers. Their industry-leading platform includes homeowner and builder specific portals that provide instant access to detailed unit-specific home information. Each portal includes a suite of efficiency and communication tools designed to enhance the understanding, service, maintenance, and management of individual homes and condos.

Media inquiries: Lauren Hughes

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The Southeast Building Conference kicks off next week at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. July 24 & 25 will see thousand of homebuilders learning exhibitors and 45 education sessions. On July 23, the 2014 Energy Summit, E2R3: Energy Efficiency in Renovations, Retrofits and Remodels is Florida’s only targeted energy efficiency event for construction, remodeling and retrofits.

SEBC 2014SEBC 2014
July 24-25
Orlando, FL
Orange County Convention Center
Booth 801

Here are our Top 3 Education Sessions to help you maximize your time at SEBC 2014:

“10 Social and Digital Marketing Trends Impacting Consumer Buying Behavior”

Understanding technology and consumer behavior trends is important to any company. The increase in consumer mobility, localization and social media has dramatically altered the marketing landscape and will impact the future of your business. This session will discuss new mobile, on-line, website and social trends that will change the way you market your homes.

“It’s Not Always Who You Know but What You Know”

Tips on Getting Builders’ Business. A builder panel program featuring: Marshal Gray, MI Homes; Ed Dion, Remodeling Contractor; John Gleeson, London Bay Homes; and Dave Hounihan, Neal Communities. Moderated by: John Wiseman, Core Construction. Open to all attendees.

“10 Things Your Lawyer Won’t Tell You (But Should)”

This one hour presentation discusses specific strategies construction business owners can implement to better manage outside legal counsel. Topics include questions to ask, and not ask, when interviewing attorneys, various means of attorney compensation and which one may be best for your situation, specific ways to reduce legal fees and costs, overcoming disputes with outside counsel, and transferring a file from one lawyer to a new lawyer. 10 Things Your Lawyer Won’t Tell You (But Should):

  1. I’m not really qualified to handle your case
  2. I’d prefer to be paid hourly, but…
  3. My young associate will do all the work
  4. My fees are negotiable
  5. So are my out-of-pocket costs
  6. You don’t need to understand my bills
  7. If you complain, I may reduce my bills
  8. I don’t have insurance
  9. I’m not your type
  10. I’m replaceable.


BONUS: Your Homebuilding Technology Partner

The Constellation Team in Booth 801 will be available to answer your questions about homebuilding software and technology, and discuss your organization’s needs and opportunities. We are a technology partner to some of the nation’s most progressive builders, and their questions and input impact our software development process daily.

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Bob Swainhart joins Constellation from Hyphen SolutionsConstellation customers are growing quickly, and we’re adding to our professional services team to keep up. Bob Swainhart has been intimately involved in the homebuilding software industry for over two decades, most recently as EVP at Hyphen Solutions, a strong Constellation partner. Bob joins the Constellation Team as a Director of Professional Services, and will be working to ensure that our customers are maximizing the impact that our software solutions provide their business.

You can reach Bob via email, or connect with Bob on LinkedIn.

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That’s a wrap! The Housing Leadership Summit has closed for another record-breaking year. Over 350 attendees and dozens of speakers and panelists made the Summit a huge success. Builders in attendance represented over one quarter of all homes built in the United States, with combined revenue over $34 billion. As Digital Sponsor, we were honored to provide wireless access and other digital goodies to attendees.

housing leadership summit digital sponsorOn Monday night, the BUILDER 100 Awards Presentation acknowledged companies with some inspiring achievements in 2013. The New Home Company jumped 61 spots on this year’s list and sits at #93 (AND filed their IPO in January 2014). Taylor Morrison rang the bell at the NYSE, then jumped 6 spots to #8 on the list. Congratulations to all builders on the BUILDER 100 and Next 100.

The Summit featured exceptional speakers and builder panels over three days, and a number of themes emerged that will carry homebuilders through a promising 2014. Many of the speakers and builders in attendance are turning their sights on forming real, lasting relationships with their prospects and customers.

Digital interactions with prospects before they ever set foot in a sales office is increasingly important – your website and digital campaigns are extensions of your brand. Democratizing digital media came up more than once: empower your team to extend your brand into the social world!

In many ways, our industry needs to think more like retailers and less like builders. Instead of showcasing the home you love the most, showcase the one most likely to SELL. It is time to rethink the sales office. Think like a buyer.

Maybe a drone will help? For a few hundred dollars, you can show prospective condo buyers the view from their balcony – before a single crane is in the air. Oh, and buy a 3D printer for your kids. Technologies that blend the digital and physical space will shape their future.

In so many ways, software and technology are driving homebuilders into the future. A strong technology partner can help you climb the BUILDER 100 faster.

Thanks again for an engaging and thought-provoking Housing Leadership Summit. We look forward to welcoming our customers to our own 2014 Customer Conference in September. Details coming soon.

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