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Constellation's 2016 Customer Conference

Our 2016 Customer Conference is a two-day crash course in software and technology. Building Cities, Creating Connections brings together the two key themes of our conference: advancing your software and data crunching skills, and developing relationships that will challenge your own process to help you build bigger.

Don’t miss our #1 bestselling keynote speaker, Garrison Wynn, who brings over a decade of research from Gallup, Accenture, and Harvard to the study of power and authority. Join Garrison as he reveals the secret that the world’s most influential leaders and companies are hiding from you.


  1. Network with 200+ builders and share ideas and best practices in your user group
  2. Select from 50+ interactive software training sessions
  3. Learn about the latest product developments and future roadmaps
  4. Apply your registration fee to a new software purchase*
  5. Live one-on-one demonstrations of new products and modules

And an unofficial #6 – Chicago is a gorgeous, vibrant city! From upscale shopping on magnificent mile to sightseeing at Millennium Park, Navy Pier, or the Shedd Aquarium to the sounds of Chicago blues from the city’s jazz bars, The Windy City is a cultural gem. Centrally located inside The Loop, the JW Marriott provides the perfect base to explore this beautiful city.




Please join us in thanking our sponsors, Center6 and DocuSign, who help to make this event possible. Center6 has exciting new developments for informXL, for both NEWSTAR and FAST customers. And DocuSign is now available for integration with FAST and Sales1440. Join us to see these products in a one-on-one demo.

98% of attendees love Constellation conferences! Check out the photos (below) from last year’s #TREASURES2015 Customer Conference, hosted at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island, FL.

This year, we have included more software training sessions that tackle more complex topics, extended the time you have to meet with your user groups, and added one-on-one demonstrations of new products, modules and features.

Constellation’s dynamic conferences offer informative sessions for everyone – expect immediate takeaways from product updates, product roadmap, best practices and interactive training sessions. We hope that all customers have the opportunity to experience a Constellation customer conference because we are confident that you will return with ideas and skills to improve your building process.

See you in Chicago!

The Constellation Team


Our 2015 Customer Conference: Discovering Natural Treasures in Amelia Island, Florida.

Posted by Constellation HomeBuilder Systems on Wednesday, November 11, 2015



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2015 Customer Conference - Keynote

Last week, over 200 of our customers and guests gathered in Amelia Island, Florida to celebrate #TREASURES2015. From training to networking, our builders filled the three-day conference with memorable, treasured moments.

Keynote presentations by J.P. Pawliw-Fry and Jason Forrest pushed us out of our comfort zones to Perform Under Pressure. Speaking of pressure, our very own product managers were offered up as bait to our hungry sharks in the Homebuilder Shark Tank session (only one of four ideas was alive after the sharks finished with them). We then put our builders in the spotlight to showcase some ideas and processes that build culture and drive results.

A little rain didn’t stop our beach party fun, with leis and selfie sticks to bring us together even indoors. We are always thrilled to see customers crossing bridges of geography and competition to learn from one another. This year, a renewed focus on user groups brought some fantastic new ideas to the table across all product groups.

The Constellation Awards recognized the builders who excelled this year in terms of innovation and efficiency, as well as their social media abilities. We thanked all guests this year with signed copies of our keynote speakers’ books, as well as Tiles that will keep their own treasures (or at least their keys) close to them at all times.

Share the moments with us through the gallery below, and see you all next year!

The Constellation Team


Our 2015 Customer Conference: Discovering Natural Treasures in Amelia Island, Florida.

Posted by Constellation HomeBuilder Systems on Wednesday, November 11, 2015




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Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island



Register now before early bird registrations are gone (currently 40% sold out).


Over 60 software training sessions.

We have developed new training sessions to ensure that you leave the conference with a stronger knowledge of your system. Here are a few examples:

NEWSTAR: Design Studio Manager [NEW]
BuildTopia: Available Reports and How To Create Your Own
FAST: Workflow Services [NEW]
Builder360: Loans & Draws [NEW]
Enhancing the Homeowner Experience with the Conasys Homeowner Portal


Network with builders using the same software.

Year after year, customers who attend our conferences tell us that the ability to chat face-to-face with another user of the software is an invaluable experience. In addition to meals and networking events, software-specific user groups put customers in the same room for best practices and sharing of ideas.

“Great collaboration with peers. It was good to share ideas on what works and what needs to be improved.”


Challenge yourself.

Engaging keynote speakers will bring their research-driven insights into human performance to help you achieve your goals — especially under pressure. We’ll also turn the spotlight onto some unique builders where culture drives performance.

Performing Under Pressure: Doing Your Best When it Matters Most
Homebuilder Shark Tank
Maximizing ERP Value
When Certainty is Lost, All is Lost


Early Birds Save $200.

Our early bird registrations are 40% sold. Register today to save $200 off the registration price.

Remember: $1 of registration fees = $1 off future software.


Don’t believe us? Hear it from customers like you.

“The enthusiasm from the speakers has given me the motivation to bring some new ideas to the table.”

“It is so much more beneficial to have face-to-face time with Constellation and other builders than trying to convey ideas and concepts through emails.” 

“The food and social events were top notch. The sessions were on topic and informative, and the speakers were willing to go with the audience.”




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Lean Building in Residential Construction

Scott Sedam is The Lean Builder. He was also a keynote speaker at our PARTNERS 2014 Customer Conference, where he vividly illustrated how lean building impacts a builder’s bottom line. (Constellation customers stay tuned, we will be announcing our 2015 conference soon!) Below, Scott outlines 10 questions that will impact homebuilders this year. Like a good scout, be prepared for an active 2015!

Scott describes the outlook for the homebuilding industry in 2015 as the “perfect storm” — with one helpful caveat. The outlier is the strong jobs market; the US has added a solid 750,000 jobs in the past three months of numbers. Not bad. Now, for the bad part.

Scott suggests all builders ask themselves 10 questions looking forward this year. We’ll briefly look at each of them below.

  1. Raw land? Land across the country is spoken for – or very expensive.
  2. Land development? Fuel prices are down, but all other costs are up: surveying, engineering, plot planning, legal fees, and of course all materials. Employing a land planning system such as LandDev can give you the visibility and automatic controls you need to tightly manage your land budget.
  3. Entitlement? Governments across the country are raising fees on developers (but not taxes!) to pay for infrastructure shortcomings.
  4. Trade labor? Yes, costs will increase. But becoming the “builder of choice” in your market(s) can drastically reduce this impact. Cash will only go so far this year – trades need to want to work for you. Learn how DSLD Homes became the builder of choice in Louisiana.
  5. Material? With your trades onside, what about your material suppliers? Trade shortages from 2014 will trickle down to material shortages this year. Just like with trades, suppliers benefit from a streamlined procurement process (and timely electronic payment!).
  6. Overhead? Human resources in the homebuilding industry are increasingly strained as builders look to hire new talent and experienced leaders. Overhead costs are up everywhere. Mitigate these increases with effective management, and allocate overhead to ensure profitability across the board.
  7. Financing? An improving economy inevitably leads to rising interest rates. When people compete for money, the price of money climbs. Financing programs, like LGI Homes’ Credit Counsel Program, can help your buyers find their dream home.
  8. Sales, Marketing and Advertising? Success = more marketing! From social media to your (new and improved) local Parade of Homes, sales and marketing will cost you more this year. Tight integration between your front-end website and sales center and your back-end management software can help.
  9. How many believe that the retail sales price will increase enough to cover increases in 1–8? If you think your sales prices can increase faster than the above costs, then you don’t have a problem. (Good luck!)
  10. How many of you believe that your profit will increase in 2015? Scott says: “Have a definite plan of action to help you find dollars you’re not finding today either by earning a higher sales prices or reducing cost, or both­—and that plan had better be specific and intentional with assignments and accountability established. Managing by memo such as strongly urging everyone to work harder and smarter and to stop wasting money doesn’t count.” Well said.

Data from 125 builders shows an average of $60,000 in waste per $250,000 to $300,000 home – that’s 20%! No builder can reduce all of that waste, but what if you could reduce waste by just 4%? Multiply that by your average home price, say $250,000, and you’re saving $10,000 per house. How many closings last year? 50? That’s $500,000 in profit.

Request a demonstration of how our solutions can help with these goals.

Original article via Professional Builder.
Scott Sedam is President of True North Consulting.

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International Builders' Show 2014

Constellation is committed to the homebuilding technology industry. Our team is available at North America’s largest trade shows for residential builders: join us to see our software solutions in action. Find The Constellation Team at the following trade shows through the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

Constellation customers stay tuned for more news regarding our 2015 National Customer Conference!

PCBC 2014SEBC 2014IBS 2015
PCBC 2014SEBC 2014IBS 2015
June 25-26
San Francisco, CA
Booth N-6009
July 24-25
Orlando, FL
Booth 801
January 20-22
Las Vegas, NV
Booth C2056


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