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Evans Coghill Homes

BUILDER magazine asks Alan Banks, Owner and CMO of Evans Coghill Homes in South Carolina, how and why they chose BuildTopia to manage their homebuilding operations.

Selecting the right construction management software is a crucial but often overlooked step in the home building business. Builders often end up patching together a variety of systems to handle everything from payroll and accounting to scheduling and sales. This ends up creating extra work instead of helping the business to run smoothly.

“Now that the market is improving, we were looking to wrap [our software and processes] up in an end-to-end solution” says Alan.

Q: What should builders keep in mind when setting out to evaluate their software?

A: First off, determine why you want a change. Is it for higher profits, improved customer service, to cut down on administrative costs, or enhance staff communication? Whatever your reason, realize that there is no magic bullet–unless you are willing to write your own software, you have to fit your company’s operational needs into the parameters set by the software company.

Find the right solution by coming up with your list of non-negotiable “must-haves” and shop for those. Don’t get lost in promises that aren’t important to you or your brand. In other words, if online selections are not important to you, then don’t buy a solution because it has that feature and you believe you might use it.

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Business in Focus - view article in digital edition

We are happy to announce that Business in Focus Magazine has just released its March 2013 issue featuring Constellation HomeBuilder Systems! Editor Robert Hoshowsky of Business in Focus interviewed Dexter Salna, President of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems to discuss the history and philosophy behind Constellation that has allowed us to grow through an industry downturn by listening intently to our customers’ needs:

“At Constellation, we are able to match the product to the size of the builder, and it proves to be a good strategy,” says Mr. Salna of the company, which continues to work closely with home builders to define enhancements they would like to see in the company’s products. At Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the company doesn’t “dream-up functionality,” a downfall that accompanies some of its competitors who do not involve the end users in the design of products. “That’s how we bring things to market; we bring things to our customers that they can actually use.”

Read the full article in the digital edition of Business in Focus March 2013

View the web version instead.

Print edition coming soon to a newsstand near you! Special thanks to our featured customers: StyleCraft Homes, Harbour Homes, John Buchan Homes, and Neal Communities.

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