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IBS 2016 Free Passes for Homebuilders


The 2016 International Builders’ Show is just around the corner, and you are invited! For your free passes to the exhibit floor, please request them here. We are excited to share the new modules and features we have added in 2015 to our software solutions for homebuilders.

As your plans for 2016 take shape, we would like to request a moment of your time. If you are attending the show, please request a meeting with us below. We will reach out to schedule your time and begin to plan our consultation and/or demonstration.

Do you feel that your existing software solution is helping or hindering the efficiency of your business? From back office operations to builders and trades in the field, software should never stand in the way. Good software propels your team forward.

If your plan for 2016 involves re-evaluating the software that powers your business, let’s talk.

The Constellation Team

2016 International Builders’ Show
January 19-21
Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth C2056

IBS 2015 Free Passes

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The Atlantic: The Unfinished Suburbs of America

Images: Alana Semuels, The Atlantic

In the boom years of the early 2000s, builders and developers bought up land as fast as they could pave and name the streets. Development of America’s suburbs pushed full-steam ahead towards creating affordable housing options for a market that demanded bigger houses and backyards for families.

Then came the recession. Development stalled on thousands of acres across the country. In some counties in the West, 15 to 33 percent of all subdivision lots are vacant, according to the Sonoran Institute. In Teton County, Idaho, 68 percent of land bought for subdivisions was left undeveloped. In Tustin, CA, the Tustin Legacy development left over 1,500 acres of prime California real estate a difficult mix of tightly-packed homes and sparkling retail mixed with open fields and abandoned military buildings.

As this valuable land sits idle, Americans’ preferences for how and where they live are changing. Walkability is quickly becoming an expectation – less driving and more walking to work, school, the grocery store and the ball park. These changes impact where and how builders create communities – and impact the value of the land they bought back in 2004. One report from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy has gone so far as to call them “zombie subdivisions” in a report on how to “combat” them.

Land pressure

The housing industry’s boom and bust of the 2000s has put pressure on land from various directions – these zombie subdivisions are just one. (Drought and flood plain rules are also on the horizon.)

We’ve provided some resources in the links above and below, but we don’t have a crystal ball to tell you how or where to build. What we do have are the tools to help you see your land in a new light. Though we specialize in developing software for homebuilders, our homebuilding partners have pushed us to develop software for their land departments.

Homebuilding software vs. land development software

In the world of residential construction/homebuilding software, project management involves a flurry of schedules, invoices and purchase orders between the builder and various personnel, vendors and trades.

In the world of land planning and development, far fewer invoices and purchase orders are generated over the life of the project. The value of these invoices however can be massive – and breaking those costs down to specific divisions, communities, and individual lots becomes a monumental task.

Take into account the stale land environment of the past decade, and depreciation of those tracts adds further pressure on the accounting department to effectively translate historical costs to active projects.

The cost of sale of the lot

LandDev is a software solution built specifically for managing land development projects, including the complex numbers behind the scenes. Begin with acquisition costs, financing costs, construction costs, closing costs and carrying costs, and distribute them down to the cost of sale of the lot. LandDev makes this process simple, breaking costs down to individual phases or even sub-phases of projects within the lot itself.

With increased demands on the land department to find and develop new plots for an increasingly active homebuilding department, effective budgeting and accounting starts with effective operational job costing. In addition to allocating costs down to the lot, LandDev is a fully featured land management solution.

From acquisition and bid comparison to project management and contract generation, LandDev has the features you need to manage the land development process.

To learn more, request a demonstration of LandDev.

Land Planning Resources

America in 2015: Bridging the Access Gap for Healthier Amenities
The Unfinished Suburbs of America
Data-Driven: Leveraging the Potential of Big Data for Planning
Arrested Developments: Combating Zombie Subdivisions and Other Excess Entitlements
After housing slump, 1,100 homes to open at Tustin Legacy
Water Woes: What the California Drought Means for Home Building
New Floodplain Rules Would Limit Construction


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You may have noticed the NAHB BuilderBooks kiosk while you were waiting in line for a slice of pizza at the International Builder’s Show – but did you know the curated library is available on their website too?

At builderbooks.com, the NAHB has collected and organized hundreds of books for homebuilders in a wide range of categories from kitchens to social media to economics.

E-Books are also available on your Apple or Android device, via ebooks.builderbooks.com.

Survive and Thrive in Building: Fundamentals of Business ManagementHere’s a great place to start: Survive and Thrive in Building: Fundamentals of Business Management. This title has nothing, and everything, to do with software. Beginning with finding a market niche, you will walk through the business of homebuilding from the perspective of the National Association of Home Builders. Though the book does not discuss management software in depth, the software solution you choose to run your business can dramatically impact your ability to implement and manage the ideas discussed in this book.

At Constellation, our software solutions help you manage your business from website to warranty. Learn more about our philosophy of supporting homebuilders.

Have you read Survive and Thrive in Building? Did it help you organize your business?

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Win a Drone at IBS 2015

Be our guest! All Constellation homebuilders are invited to join us at IBS 2015 in Las Vegas, NV free of charge. Simply follow the link below and register for the exhibits.

NAHB International Builders’ Show 2015
Las Vegas Convention Center: Booth C2056
Las Vegas, NV | January 20-22



Our team will be on hand to discuss your homebuilding business and identify areas where our software solutions can impact your bottom line. Say hello and enter to WIN A DRONE!*

To build homes efficiently, you need a strong software partner. Consider the numbers from Builder Magazine: ten Constellation builders joined the BUILDER 200 last year, and of the ten fastest growing homebuilders, six are Constellation builders.

Ask us about any topic related to homebuilding and technology. Maybe this year you will decide to revisit your warranty process. We can help you see it through the eyes of your customer:

IBS 2015 Free Passes for Homebuilders IBS 2015 Complimentary Registration

*To enter the giveaway, simply stop by booth C2056 (and say hello), drop off your business card, and allow us to scan your badge. No purchase necessary. The winner will be drawn at random after the show.

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We’re excited about the enhancements and integrations we’ve developed for our software in 2013. Our builders are constantly demanding new functionality to help them manage daily tasks and increase efficiencies. See what new with our software at the Builders’ Show.

International Builders’ Show
February 4-6, 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada
Constellation HomeBuilder Systems
Booth #C2056



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