Builder360: Management Software for Homebuilders


Built for Builders. Built for Life.

Builder360 is a powerful, easy-to-use, fully integrated construction management software suite, and the leading solution on the market today. With features such as management-by-exception reporting, Builder360 helps homebuilders reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and improve margins.

Builder360 meets the changing needs of today’s homebuilders, keeping you ahead of the competition. Gain greater control of your business throughout the entire building process, while exceeding the expectations of homebuyers.

Builder360 offers real-time, automatically generated exception reporting, enabling you and your staff to make informed decisions if criteria or conditions are not met. With this feature there are fewer errors, clearer accountability and overall increased customer satisfaction, while you remain up-to-date and ready to respond through each step of the homebuilding process.

With the ability to customize system set-up, streamlining processes for improved efficiency is simple. Builder360 provides exactly what you need to get the job done and keep customers satisfied. Constellation will work closely with your team to design a disciplined process management system that will meet the unique needs of your business.

Builder360 was designed for builders, by builders with first-hand industry experience, making it the leading solution on the market today.

Why Builder360?

  • Fully-integrated and easy-to-use software solution for an immediate boost in efficiency and profitability
  • Constellation support in designing the best operational management tool for your business
  • ‘Management-by-exception’ reporting that automatically alerts discrepancies and issues
  • Customized set-up ensures the software meets the unique needs of your business
  • High return on investment with streamlined processes and customization feature


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Builder360: Scheduling, Estimating & Purchasing


Builder360 offers homebuilders a fully integrated, single database solution to help reduce redundant tasks, while managing change orders and controlling purchasing costs. Manage multiple schedules and eliminate redundant tasks, for improved efficiency in operational management across the board.

Builder360: Accounting & Business Intelligence


Builder360 Accounting helps homebuilders better manage finances in order to make informed, real-time decisions, while staying ahead of the competition. Higher profitability stems from informed decision-making, better internal discipline and overall smoother operations.