BuildSoft Pro: Builder Management for Low-Volume Builders


Build Homes and Profits with BuildSoft Pro!

BuildSoft Pro is the leading software application for small- to medium-sized homebuilders and remodelers, providing an easy-to-use integrated package for increased efficiency and profits. Developed by a builder for builders, BuildSoft Pro goes beyond any accounting software alone, putting you in control of your business’ day-to-day operations.

BuildSoft Pro is a complete homebuilder software solution, combining all four construction business functions into a single software package: Accounting, Job Costing, Estimating and Project Management. By utilizing all components together, projects become more efficient with less room for error and duplication.

Designed to help you grow your business, BuildSoft Pro features built-in workflow throughout the entire building process, making it easier to finish jobs on schedule and with overall higher profitability. For instance, invoices are automatically checked against purchase orders, ensuring accuracy and significant cost savings. BuildSoft Pro also measures and reports work progress, to help drive performance and boost overall efficiency.

Thousands of builders utilize BuildSoft Pro across North America, the standard in homebuilding software functionality. Backed by Constellation, you can trust BuildSoft to be rock solid when you need it.

Why BuildSoft?

  • Complete solution with fully-integrated functions of the construction process
  • Easy to implement and use, for an immediate boost in efficiency and profitability
  • Built-in workflow functionality saves time and money
  • Accurately measures and reports work progress for improved performance
  • Built and supported by Home Building experts


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BuildSoft Pro: Scheduling, Estimating & Purchasing


BuildSoft Pro's Estimating function allows builders to create estimates, generate preliminary budgets and compare subcontractor/vendor bids more efficiently and with confidence. The Job Cost function gives ongoing insight on actual costs in comparison to the budget, and Project Management tools display entire projects at a glance.

BuildSoft Pro: Accounting & Business Intelligence


BuildSoft Pro's Accounting function is simple to set-up and features automated entries to keep books balanced and projects organized.