FAST: Enterprise Builder Management System


FAST: The science of builder management.

A homebuilder wanting to improve project efficiencies from dirt to warranty makes proactive decisions every day. FAST building construction software automatically monitors functionality and, when preset parameters are exceeded, your staff is alerted to anomalies. Once notified, and armed with accurate data, you can take corrective action. This time-critical approach to business intelligence means you solve issues before they cost you money.

Increase Efficiency and Save on Operational Costs

If you are a homebuilder with hundreds to thousands of home starts per year, you need up-to-date snapshots of your company 'on demand.' The FAST homebuilder construction software system highlights irregularities in all segments of your operation from accounting to scheduling. Whether it's cost overruns on land, not hitting the target market in sales, trades that cost you too much time and money or costly service and warranty areas, FAST has the answer.

On all fronts, FAST building construction estimating software is set apart because it gives you the power and ability to zero-in on two levers that continuously drive results:

  • Who (or what) is saving you time and money, and
  • Who (or what) is costing you time and money.

Building Construction Software for Life

FAST's integrated single-database technology helps you increase sales, margins per home and customer satisfaction. As you grow your business, FAST grows with you.

For cost-savvy homebuilders, never having to change building construction software systems again, makes great business sense. Can you imagine the benefit of a software system built for life?


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FAST: Sales Management & CRM


A powerful web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for homebuilders. Manage all prospecting, marketing and sales processes online 24/7. Our easy-to-use system helps you produce the highest number of conversions to sales possible.

FAST: Land Development


Homebuilders and land developers, whether selling the land or to building on it, can manage all the phases of the development process from initial land acquisition to final disposition of lots.

FAST: Scheduling, Estimating, & Purchasing


Manage the build process from concept drawings to purchase orders in the subcontractor's hands. FAST gives homebuilders the flexibility to manage information and schedules based on internal business practices.

FAST: Accounting & Business Intelligence


FAST delivers multi-level forecasting and budgets for in-depth analyses, so you'll make proactive decisions to better manage operations and meet budgets.

FAST: Warranty & Customer Service


Offer homebuilders a comprehensive warranty management system designed to address the key business needs of homeowners, builders, and customer service / warranty repair staff alike.

FAST: Extensions


Core FAST includes sales and product management, land management, production and project management, scheduling, job costing, accounting, warranty, and performance management. FAST Extensions can further streamline your business.