Solutions: Land Development


As a land developer, you need to maximize profitability on every lot you deliver. Our philosophy is to give land developers unparalleled control of workflow. Full control over construction allows for reducing costs, while at the same time automating more tedious tasks that do not require human control.

Land development software from Constellation is tightly integrated with the rest of your ERP system. Develop the land, then build the house from the same software solution.

Micromanage your lots, yet spend less time on the details.

Choose which best practices apply to your development plan, then manage variances without delay. Management-by-exception reporting alerts you to address any issues that arise real-time: find mistakes on screen before they happen in the field and become too expensive to fix.

Constellation’s solutions for land developers can stand alone, integrate with your existing back-end system, or form part of a larger, custom solution that has been optimized to fit your development needs.

Maximize the profitability of your development operations: