LandDev: Integrated Software Exclusively for Land Developers


Automate your land development and manage by exception.

LandDev™ provides an unprecedented level of development control by utilizing flexible “best practices” to automate workflow, manage costs, and easily monitor cash flow and job schedules.

Cash flow projections help manage, forecast and control long-term cash flow needs, as well as improve vendor relations with accurate and timely billing. The risk of overpaying or double paying is eliminated, and you have better control of the operations throughout the entire development process.

The LandDev platform is easy-to-learn and use, utilizing familiar Microsoft programs and eliminating hours of training, formatting and data input. Save both time and money, while providing reports that meet the unique needs of your business.

Why LandDev?

  • Increase productivity with flexible “best practices” to control workflow and costs
  • Maximize profitability with management-by-exception reporting: focus on issues in real time
  • Effectively manage cash flow with precise projections and eliminate over/double payments
  • Automate tasks with a web-based platform that is easy to learn and integrates with familiar software such as Microsoft Excel
  • Improve vendor relations with accurate, timely billing and payments

The Land Development Process (LandDev Modules)

AcquisitionBid ComparisonScheduling
Project ManagementContractsReport Writer
Bank BudgetInvoice ProcessingVariance Requests
EstimatingDocument ManagementCollaboration
Initial BudgetLoan Processing
Request for BidsJob Costing

LandDev: Scheduling, Estimating & Purchasing


LandDev’s Scheduling allows you to make adjustments if schedules fall behind, as well as access detailed project history with all related costs and timeline adjustments. It provides true control throughout the land development process, and keeps you connected to your staff and vendors for the most informed decision-making.

LandDev: Land Development


The LandDev system harnesses the power of Microsoft® applications within a framework of tight controls to ensure that all data balances and totals correctly. Manage your land efficiently with LandDev.

LandDev: Accounting & Business Intelligence


LandDev comes with an extremely user-friendly reporting tool know as ‘PowerTrieve’, and includes a set of pre-programmed reports which meet most needs immediately.

LandDev Info Sheet (PDF)

LandDev: Information Sheet

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to learn more about LandDev management software for land developers.

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