Solutions: Sales Management & CRM


Building great homes is no longer enough – a familiar, almost personal relationship with your homebuyers is the key to selling more homes. The trouble is, relationships are difficult, a fact compounded by the gravity of purchasing a new home.

Home sales management software from Constellation connects the front end of your sales department, through your homebuilding process, and all the way to your warranty department. Your customers are your most valuable asset. When you customer calls you five years after they moved into their house to ask what marble countertop upgrade they were considering five years ago because they want it in their next home, your salesperson will have the power to reply, "It was the graphite marble from Rockstone Quarry, which only our supplier can offer, and is available in our quiet new community of three-bedroom detached homes." This is the power of customer relationship management that integrates with your entire ERP system.

Capture leads. Convert to sales.

Constellation’s sales solutions help you manage the entire sales pipeline. You will never lose track of another lead, and every lead will be automatically populated with baseline information about that prospect.

Homebuilding operations are streamlined through workflow automation, and the sales process is accelerated utilizing pre-qualified financial calculations. Customizable reports and analytics allow you to strategically deploy marketing dollars for the highest return on investment.

Constellation sales solutions are all about relationships. From initial contact through maintenance, our solutions are specifically designed to help homebuilders through the process of acquiring and nurturing customers:

  • Generating new leads simply by putting the data you already have in the right places;
  • Managing leads by first capturing, then guiding sales agents and home buyers through the sales process;
  • Marketing with the right message at the right time, guided through a process designed by home sales experts;
  • Showing homes in an interactive sales center, allowing homebuyers to view and select options and then monitor the progress of their new home;
  • Building contracts with ease;
  • Reporting on the sales cycle allows salespeople as well as managers to review the entire process in one place.